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48" modern natural wood shelving 4 ft

Sawyer Eco Friendly Wood Bookcase, 48"

PriceFrom $170.00

Tired of bookcases made of cheap stinky MDF particle board? The Sawyer 4 foot non toxic bookcase is crafted from solid, sustainably sourced, Parawood.  Available in natural and PIY (paint it yourself).


    - non toxic bookcase crafted from rescued Parawood (a dense, smooth, knot free hardwood)
    - sanded smooth and ready for our Healthier Paint or Clear Coat finish, so you can enjoy the beauty of painted shelving in a formaldehyde free bookshelf
    - handcrafted mortice and tenon construction
    - Parawood is durable, strong, and resistant to splitting, warping or weeping
    - neutral colored wood; beautiful with just a clear coat if desired
    - simple assembly


    Rubber tree farmers typically cut down and discard or burn trees after their useful life – which is 30 years when the mature tree stops producing natural latex. Our circular + sustainably sourced mature Parawood is rescued from rubber tree plantations from all over the world and given a renewed purpose in life as beautifully handmade hardwood furniture! Every time a tree is harvested, another is planted on these plantations to harmoniously maintain nature's balance :)


    - DIY friendly, easy application
    - your choice of optional premium zero VOC Healthier Homes finish kit
    - choose from clear coat kit or primer + furniture paint kit... (both available in matte or gloss)
    - we color match most brand paint colors
    - check out the paint section of the site for info and application instructions for our unique line of Healthier Paints