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Our mission: creating better living through healthier homes

Jen Stout and Rusty Stout on a construction site

your home's impact
on your health

Even before COVID-19, we spent as much as 90% of our time indoors.
-The National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS)

Common pollutants exist in amounts 10 times higher inside homes than outside.
-EPA’s Office of Research and Development

Indoor air pollution causes millions of deaths every year.

-International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Our bodies now more than ever, are bombarded with things in the world, all around us that are not good for our health.


Our food is coated in pesticides. Our water supply has heavy metal contaminants. Indoor air is filled with chemical off-gassing. Cheap building materials and poorly built mass production homes have led to water damage and mold problems… And the rates of autoimmune disorders, allergies, chronic disease, neurological problems and cancers are all on the rise, in a big way.

Many of us buy organic food and pay for gym memberships, because we care about our personal health and wellbeing. But what about the impact of our living environments on our health?


Our team is doing something about it! Healthier Homes founders and expert healthy home builders, Jen and Rusty Stout, are on a mission to provide access to information, materials and products. So you too can create better living through your very own healthier home.  

think of us as Whole Foods for your

Healthier Homes founders,

Jen + Rusty

In 2009, Jen Stout was working on her MBA when her health seemed to fall apart overnight—all thanks to the hidden black mold in the walls of her new Dallas apartment.

The results were catastrophic to her health.

Jen and Rusty, founders of Healthier Homes

Healthier Homes was born out of necessity. 

Over ten years ago, Jen began studying methods and materials for building a revolutionary new kind of home, a modern day healthy home; free of toxins, irritating chemicals, mold and allergens. Because this type of home didn't exist. And living in a healthy environment was integral to her regaining her health.


Now husband and wife duo, Rusty and Jen, have taken the methodologies from their nationally-recognized healthy home building and design firm, JS2 Partners, and are bringing them mainstream through their ground-breaking new book, Healthier Homes

 . . . . .

" when we published our book, it made sense to create the community to share what we've learned.  and now with access to this valuable info and the home products we've vetted and use in our own homes, you too, can do something about your own home.

join us as we blow the lid off the disastrous state of modern construction.  our journey has led us to source tried and true nontoxic furnishings, finishes, paints, and practical solutions for better living.  our mission at Healthier Homes is to share what we know (and continue to learn) with you.  so you too can live a healthier, happier, quality life :) "

      -  jen + rusty

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