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Our Healthier Homes partners and suppliers share the same passion for high quality standards. We're proud to set the bar for clean, safe and durable essential living products.

Half United seamstress creating handmade goods
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The brother sister team behind Half United put social stewardship at the forefront of their business. Every purchase goes towards fighting hunger and empowering lives through sponsoring school gardening projects, meal donations, and providing gainful employment opportunities in countries all over the world.

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Recognized for adhering to the highest animal welfare standards, Fibre by Auskin repurposes skins from sustainably managed pasture-centric farms that are a by-product of the meat industry, eliminating unnecessary harm or waste. Only safe metallic and acid dyes are used without added fire-retardants or chemical treatments in a sustainable production tannery.

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As recognized leaders in the development and manufacturing of handmade artisan rugs, Minori Casa provides gainful employment opportunities for women-owned businesses in Turkey, Egypt and India. Every rug tells a unique story using blends of natural fibers and the highest quality yarns available.

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Cozy Earth Bamboo logo

Sourcing the highest quality, sustainably grown, pesticide free bamboo and silk straight from the source in Asia sets Cozy Earth apart. Their relationships with the growers and textile producers enable unmatched quality and confidence in knowing your bedding is free from harmful chemicals. Responsible and clean manufacturing practices include the use of a closed loop fabric manufacturing process and only USDA certified organic raw materials. 

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Founders Doug and Susan started with a woven basket and a big idea on a Jamaican vacation back in the 1980s. Kalalou was born, which is a Creole term for soup that is never made the same way twice, much like the company's unique handmade artisan products. Doug and Susan's Kid Foundation gives back 100% of the funds raised to projects in Haiti, Honduras and Columbia.



Our Healthier Homes wallcoverings manufacturing partners share the same values of material transparency and naturally derived quality. Healthier Wallpapers are made with materials from nature, such as leaves, sand, grasses, minerals, glass beads, mother of pearl and cork. All unpasted papers are 100% natural breathable fibers that resist mold and use water-based inks applied via a smoke-free system.

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Paint, primers and finish coatings cover the largest surface area of any home or building. One of the most effective ways to create a healthy, toxin free space is to paint. We feel so strongly about this that we developed our own line of water-based acrylic paints. All Healthier Homes paints are free of  HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), cure VOC free, and block harmful offgassing from materials under the surface.

carpenter crafting solid hardwood furnishings for Healthier Homes


For years we've searched for quality solid wood furnishings that aren't finished with chemical-laden stains and lacquers or petroleum-based waxes. The pickings were slim, so we've introducing a line of Healthier Homes solid wood furniture built from plantation grown Parawood, a very dense hardwood. Every time one is harvested, another tree is planted to harmoniously maintain nature's balance. All of our mortice and tenon furniture comes natural (raw) with your choice of our Healthier Paints clear coat or colored lacquer.


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