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tips for being mindful at mealtimes 

What is sustainable kitchenware?

Functionality meets eco friendly style.

We know how important it is to make purchasing decisions based upon knowing that what you’re buying for your family is safe and beautiful. It takes time to shop mindfully, which is probably why you’re here. Welcome! Props to you for making the important decision to seek out eco friendly tableware and quality nontoxic home goods. We’re your partner in creating a healthier home, and together we can make that happen!

Consider your guests.

Your guests trust you to serve them a healthy meal. When you’re hosting a get together, your primary focus should always be on that—your guests and their needs. It shows you really care when you plan ahead to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Say, for example, that a friend you invite to a dinner party has a nut allergy. Don’t wait till the last minute to find healthy, mindful alternatives, and always remember to avoid intermingling ingredients. If someone you know has this type of allergy, serve alternatives to nuts, or better yet, keep nuts out of the meal altogether to avoid cross-contamination. Being a good host means making sure everyone has something to enjoy :)

Keep your shapes similar.

What is organic shaped dinnerware? Think shapes you'd find in nature, such as round natural dinnerware or recycled dinnerware that was manufactured into a shell shape. This can refer to plates, bowls, etc. Be sure to consider the shape when you’re buying sustainable dish sets. Continuity can elevate your presentation beyond the typical flat plates and round bowls. Organic shapes like leaves are especially eye catching. Just some factors to keep in mind when you start shopping for non-toxic dinnerware.

Non toxic dishes made in USA.

You might be wondering if it matters where your lead-free dishware comes from. If it’s organic, sustainable, nontoxic, and so on, it shouldn’t matter where it was made, right? Well, yes and no. Different countries have different laws regulating manufacturing, so when you buy from certain countries, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out exactly what substances went into your plates and dishes.

That said, every product on Healthier Homes is vetted by us, meaning you know you’re getting something that’s safe and high-quality. Our design team seeks out the best in handcrafted, artisan made home goods and designer pieces, including organic dinnerware that’s unique, eco friendly and sustainably made for your healthier home.

Sustainable kitchenware refers to any dishes, glassware, silverware, and other kitchen surfaces or tools that are natural, eco-friendly, and completely nontoxic. These products come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and are made using materials with minimal industrial processing that will never off-gas or leach harmful chemicals into food.

These include 100 percent pure ceramics, natural woods such as olive wood and organic bamboo kitchenware, as well as other non toxic materials that are safe for the whole family. (Note: You’ll want to avoid most strand board bamboo kitchen products and cutting boards since they often contain glues with phenol formaldehyde.)

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