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Organic Modern Dining Tables + Eco-Friendly Accent Tables

Modern tables handcrafted from wood, stone and metal. Epic style meets nontoxic, natural finishes for all things coffee table, console table, dining table & beyond. 

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From organic modern side tables, to charming coastal coffee tables, there's no doubt that furniture upgrades provide an easy facelift for the entire space.

Coffee tables, end tables, accent tables, bedside tables, console tables, and the list goes on. We all depend upon tabletop surfaces to provide a clean, safe and functional space to get our work done, to play family games, browse the computer, throw our junk piles on, enjoy our meals, and so on. Tables are vital to our everyday life, which is why it’s so important that our tabletops be as beautiful and functional as they are good for the people that use them.


The air that we breathe indoors and our indoor living environments are profoundly impacted by the materials and finishes found inside our homes and on tables and furnishings. Tables are a major purchase for homes, offices and schools, so it’s important to choose living room and bedroom accent tables that are nontoxic and free of harmful chemicals.

Organic modern tables and the mid-century modern comeback.

Organic modern end tables are a great style if you’re a fan of naturally finished hardwoods, honed stone or metallic elements -- all of which are great materials for wellness inspired spaces. End tables are typically used next to a sofa or couch and as a side table for accent chairs, too. Smaller in nature, end tables are perfect for a table lamp and to set your drink of choice on when it’s time to sit back and relax.


One of our favorite furniture styles is a bit of a mix between mid-century modern and Danish inspiration. For these reasons and more, organic modernism coffee tables and furniture styles also top our list, which feature clean lines, natural wood elements and timeless craftsmanship.


Another favorite is sustainable woven rattan tables, which are lightweight, durable, and a great addition for a healthier home… If you’re looking for a sustainable coffee table, the Underhill Coffee Table is handcrafted from eco friendly rattan and is literally compostable at then end of its (long) useful life.

What is "Paint It Yourself" or PIY Furniture?

As healthy home builders, one of the largest challenges our founders faced when designing and decorating their healthier homes for homeowner clients was sourcing non toxic furniture. The project goal was always to promote wellness within a home, and sourcing items like modern accent tables, natural coffee tables and eco friendly end tables with healthy finishes or no finishes at all was nearly impossible.


This challenge eventually led to the inception of and later our new PIY collection, which debuted at the beginning of 2023. The Healthier Homes ‘Paint It Yourself’ (PIY) sustainable furniture collection features solid Parawood hardwood furniture that’s sanded smooth and ready for use as furniture in the raw.


Each piece is handcrafted from rescued Parawood lumber from around the world. The mature Parawood trees once lived on natural latex farms around the world, where the wood would have otherwise been burned or discarded after the trees ‘useful’ life. All of the PIY coffee tables, end tables and side tables come with the option to add a Healthier Paints or Clear Coats kit.

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