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The Story of Organic Modern Lamps

We all love good lighting. It’s essential for everyday functions and the fun things in life! Whether you’re reading a book or playing a family board game, these are times when ambient light can make for the perfect chill and cozy atmosphere.

This is when an organic modern lamp is a great option, something like a woven natural floor lamp, or simple table lamp. Lamps can add functionality and style to your living space without requiring hard wiring or expensive installs.

When it comes to a design that feels grounded, organic lamps that are made with simple materials found in nature are a quick and convenient way to brighten any room in your home. Most of the handmade lamps for sale feature materials like natural wood, ceramics, metal and rattan. While other organic modern lamps are made from natural woven textiles, marble, glass or pressed metals. Fortunately there are lots of options for lots of different tastes and styles! From rustic, country homes to modern and contemporary interiors – a beautiful natural table lamp or striking floor lamp can liven up a space.


When we think of the design and style of organic modern lamps, the natural materials they’re made of (like wood, cork, iron, ceramics and stone) should also be free of forever chemicals. It’s best to use natural materials in a healthy home that are not heavily altered.. Avoid lamps with oil based lacquers, PVC, glued on pieces, or vinyl coatings. 


Powder coatings, waterbased paints and metallic finishes are generally safe, like a timeless antique gold lamp. Also acrylic, polystone, silicone, and ricestone are all materials that will not offgas any harmful chemicals. Natural leathers with dyes that don’t use solvents are also wonderful choices for lamps. You can basically trust your nose here. If the leather has a strong leather smell, then it’s best to pass. Avoid most vegan leather, as it’s usually made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a type of plastic that will emit fumes.

table lamp made with sustainable sea shells

What are the Benefits of Handmade, Natural Lamps?

Unlike other forms of harsh artificial light, lamps rely upon a single bulb that diffuses the light with a shade. Natural materials like linen, woven grasses and metals are often used to make handmade lamp shades. Lamp shades cast a warm and inviting glow that lights up a space and makes it feel homey, without harsh glares.

Both table and floor lamps also add depth and texture to a space. Illuminating an otherwise dark corner can make a space feel twice as large. For task lighting, table lamps are an excellent choice for doing work and reading. Place organic table lamps on your work desk or a standing floor lamp in the corner of your study. You'll be ready to work in your home office or sort out family admin tasks for the week ahead. Natural lighting improves your productivity levels, cognitive function, and memory retention. If you’re wanting to mimic the look and feel of light that’s natural lamps are an excellent choice. Cool, right?


Besides avoiding eye strain, lamps create an ambient, warm glow that lessens stress and anxiety. Lamp lighting is perfect for relaxing and unwinding. While exposure to natural light helps to improve your well-being and mood, the soft warm light from a lamp can have a similar, relaxing effect.


Lamps are also versatile and portable. If you rearrange your room, it’s easy to move a lamp and plug it in elsewhere. Some lamps don’t even require plugs if they are rechargeable! You can use the same lamp to read a book in bed, in your craft room, and outside on the patio tabletop in the evening… Plus there’s endless heights, shapes and some even have adjustable necks. You can choose slim standing lamps to cover a wide area of the room. Or, a focused desk lamp to concentrate. 


Additionally, natural lamps help you to save. Today’s organic modern lamps take advantage of energy-efficient LED lights and eco-friendly light bulbs. And even if you love the nostalgic glow of incandescent bulbs, you’re still lowering overall energy consumption (and your electricity bills!) by using one lamp instead of lighting up an entire room. Some lamps come with built-in timers that adjust the amount of light depending on the time of day. 


Furthermore, handmade lamps come in unique and interesting designs. Handmade wood lamps have eye-catching grain patterns from the original timber. Some table lamps have woven rattan lattice structures. Or natural fabric shades with varying effects of dispersing light. Natural floor lamps feature clean lines and minimalist silhouettes. They create an illusion of airy openness that is perfect for smaller spaces.

Tips for Choosing Natural Floor Lamps & Table Lamps

Organic modern lamps come in a variety of designs and styles. Opt for natural wood lamps, stone and metal finishes that compliment the other pieces of furniture in your living space. Pair your natural lamp textures with throw blankets or cushions. For contrast, go for darker hues against a light non-toxic wallcovering, or vice versa. Daring patterns and fun textures on handmade lamps add a layered look to any room.

Choosing the Best Size Table Lamp

It’s important to select the right size for your natural lamps. The size of your table lamp should be proportional to the desk, side table, or console you’re planning to place it on. For example, a chunky natural wood table lamp on a small console table would look out of place.

With the right size, table lamps can save space in your home while adding style and charm. Make sure you have enough room on your desk for your laptop, notebook, and stationery. For your desk, we recommend something smaller in height. Whereas a bedside table may require a larger and taller lamp, depending on the size of the bed. A king size bed looks fabulous with a pair of tall table lamps on either side.

Where to Position Natural Floor Lamps

A floor lamp is a wonderful option for the living room, home study, or reading nook. If you have ample room, floor lamps are best placed in a darker corner of a large living space, next to an accent chair, or next to a large piece of furniture. Placing a natural floor lamp in a cozy reading nook can make for comfortable reading sessions. Or you can position floor lamps behind your sofa or console table for ambient light in the living area.

In the grand scheme of things, multiple types of lamps can layer natural light in your home. Organic modern lamps are beautiful additions to an earthy, modern home. To build out a cohesive design, an organic modern floor lamp in the corner of the bedroom can look great paired with a carved natural wood table lamp next to the bed. These can be used together to help you navigate around during the night without having to turn on the bright overhead lights.

Picking the Right Lamp Shade

The shape of your lamp shade should go with your room’s overall decor. Classic empire lamp shades are timeless and resemble a cone with the top section removed. Whereas organic modern lamps may feature a larger drum shade with wide rims and clean straight lines. Bell lamp shades look best with traditional furnishings and mid-century home decor. Natural wood table lamps with rectangular or square-shaped shades offer minimalist clean lines – perfect for modern Scandinavian style homes.

Modern Floor Lamp Designs

Elegant, tall metal or handmade wood lamps are often topped with fabric shades made from unbleached cotton or spun linen. The ambient lighting that diffuses through these shades is very similar to the soft natural light found in late afternoon at sunset. Using a light-colored shade allows more light to glow through the fabric. While a darker fabric or metal shade creates a mature, sophisticated mood.

Modern organic floor lamps often come with metal frames or wood legs, with a variety of finishes. A handmade lamp may use woven rattan or bamboo, gorgeous for a neutral themed aesthetic. Arc floor lamps are also great for saving space. They have far-reaching arms that stretch over your sofa or kitchen table. A higher arc creates more of an Art Deco, contemporary style.

The Top Organic Modern Table Lamps

For a simple, minimalist approach to lighting your home, organic modern table lamps are great for your desk, console, and bedside table. Smaller table lamps can be considered task lamps – these are best as desk lamps for a smaller office or in the bathroom as a nightlight. They have small bases and and may be adjustable to suit your particular task.

The base of your organic modern table lamp usually consists of metal, wood, or ceramic. Some handmade wood lamps show off the grainy texture of the wood. Natural wood lamps transform your home into a peaceful forest. Metal or iron lamp bases are more industrial and rustic looking. Ceramic lamp bases made from natural clay, stone, and terracotta are also popular. These often feature hand-painted designs and colored glass glazes. No matter your style or taste, organic modern table lamps bring a stylish, modern aesthetic to your home. And some even come with extra creature comforts like mobile phone charging ports or touch sensors to turn the lamp on and off.

Home Decor Tips for Organic Modern Lamps

The height of your table lamps matter.

Use natural table lamps and floor lamps to highlight artwork.

Balance and symmetry – the dynamic duo for interior design.

The bottom of your lampshade should be at eye level when you’re seated. This directs the natural light downwards to illuminate your intricate tasks and not straight into your face.

Organic modern lamps made from natural materials are gorgeous. These can be used in clever ways, such as to highlight paintings, wall art, and even photographs on your wall. Natural floor lamps are great for casting a spotlight over wood or stone sculptures, floor vases and decorative objects. Standalone handmade lamps can be a work of art, too. Time to get creative!

Consider adding identical natural floor lamps to frame your fireplace or entertainment console. This creates a sense of harmony and symmetry – otherwise known as counterbalance. In a smaller living space, you can align your natural wood table lamp with other wooden furniture pieces or decor with similar textures and color palettes.

Don’t forget about cord management.

Wherever you place your natural lamps, you’ll need an electrical outlet. This can create safety hazards, especially if you have kids and pets running around. Conceal the lamp cords behind your furniture. Use a cord cover to maintain safety and your room aesthetic. 

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