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Modern, Organic Wall Art & 
Natural Wall Decor

This is an opportunity to showcase your unique style -- because your walls are your largest canvas. Hanging natural wall decor, artwork + nontoxic wallpaper can make a house feel more like home (yes, we said chemical free  wallpaper!!)

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sustainable wall decor

Your walls called... they're looking for the perfect organic wall hanging

Handmade decor made from natural sustainable materials can truly be a work of art. And your home’s walls are a fabulous place to showcase your character and style through hanging modern organic wall art.


In terms of looks, eco friendly walls can accompany a wide range of styles. For example, bohemian or coastal style homes may incorporate natural wood accents like floating shelves or decorative pieces made with wooden beads for a cohesive look and feel that is both inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Layering these on top of nontoxic natural wallpaper can really boost the design factor.


We also think it’s fun to incorporate three dimensional wall décor or even surprising textures into your home’s aesthetic. Many natural wood pieces can easily transition between styles, like a pair of framed teak wall art, which is just as beautiful in a rustic or ranch style home as in an organic modern, minimalist space.


The natural materials used as the backbone for making hangings, prints, tapestries and decorative pieces are what make eco friendly wall art so sustainable. Our priority lies within sourced pieces that are made from organic, nontoxic, or sustainable materials. such as pressed metals, timber, and natural papers with minimal processing.


Natural wall decor often features nature and organic themes that can promote a sense of connection to the earth and the environmental beauty of mother nature. Plus, natural materials generally don’t require heavy manufacturing processes and maintenance is minimal for the homeowner.


Remember that mixing these materials and colors into other facets of a house, such as area rugs, paint, furniture and light fixtures, can make for a very cohesive and unique look with your eco friendly wall decor.