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sustainable practices

at Healthier Homes, impactful design is focused on wellness & sustainability

we invite you to join us on the path to making a positive impact.

by 2050, plastic in the ocean is expected to outweigh fish
deep blue ocean


recycle plastic bottles
Ocean Co. logo
Ocean Co
Healthier Paints by Healthier Homes
plastic trash on beach

You buy 1 gallon

We collect 100 bottles




Healthier Homes has committed to fund the collection of 100 bottles (1 kilo) of ocean-bound plastic per gallon of Healthier Paints, Primers & Cleaner sold.  Here's why... 

22 million kg of plastic enters our ocean every day.  That's one truckload every minute.  By 2050 we're on track for the plastic in the ocean to outweigh the fish.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Ocean Co. to join a movement to collect 7 billion ocean-bound plastic bottles by the end of 2025.

By recycling ocean-bound plastic, we are also supporting livelihoods in coastal regions around the world where plastic pollution is worst.



Join us as we collectively turn the tide on the ocean plastic problem.

Our Sustainable Parawood Story

The P-I-Y furniture collection is crafted from sustainable Parawood that's rescued & given a new purpose as handcrafted solid wood furniture.

Rubber tree farmers typically cut down and discard or burn trees after their useful life – which is 30 years when the mature tree stops producing natural latex.

Our circular + sustainably sourced mature Parawood is rescued from rubber tree plantations from all over the world and given a renewed purpose in life as beautifully handmade hardwood furniture!

Every time a tree is harvested, another is planted on these plantations to harmoniously maintain nature's balance :)

parawood tree farm
The Olive Wood Project
Mindful Materials Logo

Mindful Materials Manufacturing Pledge 

Healthier Homes pledges to commit to continued investment in sustainability and to encourage customers to purchase sustainable and healthy building materials.  We commit to taking action to ensure healthy materials are the norm and not the option, on all of our home projects and yours!

Healthy Home with Baby Playing

how we're mindful about our materials

Builders & founders, Jen + Rusty, saw a need for healthier material options while building and furnishing their healthy homes.

At Healthier Home, we’re focused on expanding our use of sustainable materials, prioritizing circularity & offering nontoxic home products for better living.

All of our materials are carefully sourced by our team to be sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, chemical free and most importantly, healthy. Here you won't find any synthetic fire retardants, pesticides, toxic solvents or harmful air pollutants. 

Living an organic lifestyle goes beyond food and water. The air you breathe, the materials you touch and the positiveness within your environment all have profound effects upon your health.


Sustainable Furnishings Council Logo

Mission: Sustainability

We're proud to be members of the SFC, whose mission is to help companies reduce their environmental footprint and to provide the end consumer with healthier products and design services.  As a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers, we collectively work together to adopt environmentally sustainable practices and offer  healthier products.

organic olive branch

Healthier Homes

 a new way to home 

Our products are curated to be safe & sustainable, using renewable, earth friendly materials:

...recycled natural yarns left over from manufacturing processes
...plant-based textiles
 made via closed loop manufacturing
...non-toxic dyes
...natural, upcycled solid wood
...rescued and repurposed timber
...ethically sourced feathers
...paints free from all hazardous air pollutants 
...coatings that seal surfaces and enable purer, cleaner air
...humane animal leathers as
 biproducts of the meat industry
...repurposed + recycled packaging materials

Happy kids in India

GoodWeave is ending child labor in the global textile supply chain + providing rescued children with education and the chance for success.

Doug & Susan's Kid's Foundation is funding medical care, education, food and shelter for children in Haiti, Columbia, Honduras and the U.S.

The Sakula Project is giving children access to education and healthy meals to enable better futures for India's youth. 

The Olive Wood Project rescues + repurposes Turkish born olive wood from plantations planning to cut down and discard trees at the end of the tree's fruit production lifecycle.

Ocean Co. is leading a movement to turn the tide on ocean-bound plastic pollution to collect 7 billion pounds of plastic for recycling by 2025.

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