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organic modern lighting

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Lighting & Organic Modern Lighting

Brighten your space with layers of light and ambiance, mixed with materials straight from nature!

Wish the cord or cap was a different color?

Good news for those who find the perfect light fixture -- but soon realize the ceiling cap or cord are the wrong color. No worries, we got you! Colorcord has an amazing selection of ceiling cap colors, finishes and styles. Plus, lots of cord covers. Our recommendation is to order your lights on Healthier Homes. Then once they arrive, measure the pieces you’d like to replace and order directly through Colorcord. Happy day!

Surprising Benefits of Eco Friendly, Organic Lighting

How you choose to light your home also influences your circadian rhythm, which helps regulate your natural sleep cycles. And getting restful, rejuvenating sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy home. Lots of white, natural light during the day followed by softer yellow light at night will help ensure your rhythm stays on track.

If you prefer LEDs, the soft yellow cast of incandescent eco friendly light bulbs is best replicated by 2700K LEDs, while a whiter natural light can be achieved with 3000K LEDs.

Remember to refrain from using computer screens before bedtime to avoid the blue light, which can also interfere with restful sleep. Most cell phones have an eye comfort shield setting which is helpful.

What is Sustainable Lighting?

Healthy, eco friendly lighting refers to any sustainable lighting solutions designed to function in an environmentally conscious way while also preserving (or even enhancing) the end user’s health and well-being. This could include a range of environmentally friendly lighting devices and styles, from recycled glass light fixtures to sustainable chandeliers.

They are typically made with non toxic components such as recycled glass, metals, and renewable bamboo or reeds, and they are built to provide the healthiest, most natural lighting possible.

The good news is sustainable lighting comes in all sorts of styles, too! If you’re looking for a larger chic light fixture to go over your wood dining table, try a pair of large beaded pendant lights.
Carry the theme through the rest of your healthy home-friendly dining ensemble with naturally crafted dishes, glassware and tabletop accessories such as these super unique stone platters.

Tips for Choosing Bulbs for a Modern Organic Light Fixture

When choosing sustainable lighting solutions for inside your home, there are a few important factors to consider. Dimmer switches and compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) can create an audible buzz, also referred to as transient radiation. Always try to avoid such light sources to reduce electromagnetic fields inside the house.

Incandescent eco friendly light bulbs and most newer high quality LEDs are safe alternatives. Avoid recycled light bulbs or knock off brands, as they’re lifespan is generally very short. For environmentally friendly lighting, installing a switch on kitchen cabinet doors and closet doors that only activates the lights when the doors are open will save energy and prolong the life of your bulbs.

How Does Eco Friendly Lighting Affect Your Health?

Organic light fixtures can help your health in a variety of ways. First, remember that material composition matters for every item you bring into your home, so be sure to check recycled light fixtures and eco friendly bulbs to verify that whatever they’re made of won’t release harmful chemical fumes into your home in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Second, keep in mind that the lighting in your home can have an impact on your safety; not having adequate lighting in the kitchen, for example, can increase the risk of cutting yourself while prepping a meal, and limited visibility is known to create tripping hazards.

Sustainable Outdoor Lighting Solutions to Consider

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Not exactly. When trying to source eco friendly lamps and sustainable lighting solutions for the outdoor areas of your home, we encourage you to remember all the same principles outlined above.

Even though you’re not bringing these specific items inside the house, their material composition, transient radiation levels, and color warmth can all still affect the people who live there. That’s because every component of a healthy home has an impact, however small, whether inside or outside, on your health and well-being.

Fun Designer Tips for Getting Your Organic, Modern Lighting Just Right

Brighten your space with layers of illumination and ambiance. Distinctive organic lighting comes in all sizes and styles, from natural, nontoxic pendants to eco friendly chandeliers, flush mounts made of natural materials, and sustainable lamps. Here's how to acheive the look!

 Easy room updates using lighting 

Take the time to curate eco friendly lighting that enhances your furnishings, artwork, kitchen finishes, and home décor. Go room by room to figure out where a new sustainable lamp, pendant or chandelier could make a subtle (or huge) difference in the space—or commit to refreshing your entire home with a whole new lighting story that revolves around your finishes or modern décor theme. With so many new trends emerging, there's lighting for every type of taste. Modern coastal, modern boho, modern farmhouse, modern contemporary, modern Scandinavian, and more.

  Use contrasting styles  

Go with a sustainable lighting aesthetic that updates your furnishings by using contrasting styles. If your furniture and décor are soft and neutral, go for more contemporary style lines with linear lamps. To light up strong lines, try the gentle glow of shaded bulbs in a diffused woven pendant light for subtle contrast. And health-conscious designers love bold new design styles like rings with floating eco friendly light bulbs or oversized pendant lights.

  Mood lighting creates ambiance  

Rather than depending on overhead lighting to illuminate a room, many designers are starting to incorporate table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and ceiling-mounted organic light fixtures into a space.

For sconces, line up coordinating wall lighting fixtures down the length of the room or put one sconce on either side of a picture window to frame the space. The wall sconces provide dimmer, more atmospheric mood lighting, while pendants spotlight areas such as the dining table or kitchen island.

Larger eco friendly lamps can be arranged next to a sofa to add ambiance to the living room, and smaller lamps can be positioned on an end table, console table, or media console shelf.

  LED vs Incandescent Lighting  

If you think there’s a lot of different types of organic lights fixtures and lighting styles, just wait until you start looking at the dizzying number of styles and sizes of the eco friendly light bulbs themselves. LED, incandescent and halogen are among the most popular used for in-home lighting.

If you’re purchasing an LED light fixture, be sure to check the color temperature rating. You’ll want to stay between 2600k and 3000k. As mentioned before, for a warmer light, 2700k light bulbs are the closest to mimicking the cozy look and feel of the incandescent bulbs we all grew up using. For a whiter light that looks similar to midday sunlight, opt for 3000k.

  Decorative light bulbs  

Organic light fixtures with big glowing bulbs, reminiscent of the make-up vanity mirrors from the 1980s, are gaining popularity once again. For the dramatic designer look with extra-large glowing bulbs, look for G40 decorative-style eco friendly light bulbs. For a medium-size globe light bulb, go with the G25 decorative bulbs.

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