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Zero VOC Vase
  • Caymen Decorative Clay Vase, Set of 2


    The Caymen Decorative Clay Vase set features two pots of different sizes with lots of creative display options. These non toxic zero VOC clay pots work great indoors and outdoors. Use them to beautify your living room, kitchen, patio, balcony or garden. We have one on our desk as the cutest pencil holder! And one in the kitchen as a stylish modern kitchen utensils holder. The ribbed style and neutral pottery color makes for a versatile and classic decor essential.

      • Set of 2 modern ribbed clay vases
      • Great as pencil holders for a desk or utensil holders in the kitchen
      • Can be used as indoor / outdoor planter pots, but only with a waterproof liner
      • Neutral colored pottery handmade with non toxic clay

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