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modern organic bathroom

Modern Organic Bathroom Accessories & Sustainable Bath Products

Start and end your day feeling like a champ in a bathroom designed around relaxation and nature.

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How to Design a Modern Organic Bathroom

Looking to upgrade your existing bath into an organic modern bathroom oasis? Here’s some easy tips! First, think about your bathroom fixtures and what finishes you’d like to incorporate to give it a modern chic look and feel. This can include refinishing your floor and walls with matte porcelain tile that mimics the look of travertine, stone, marble or wood. Porcelain is low maintenance, durable and nontoxic. Next consider switching out your fixtures and fittings to compliment the look; matte black and champagne bronze are stunning against muted and neutral color tile to give a modern luxury spa feel. You can go for contrast or matching color tones when it comes to your bathroom tile and deciding on the perfect texture-rich washable cotton bathmat. Going with organic materials also means opting for a natural stone, glass, metal or porcelain sink. Porcelain and engineered stone are our favorites, as they come in many colors and are reasonably priced. Plus engineered stone is available in different textures and finishes, making it a designer favorite. Modern teak stools look amazing against stone or porcelain and make for a stylish shaving ledge. Don’t forget about your walls! While we don’t advise using wallpaper in wet or damp areas (ie. the bathroom), using non toxic paint is essential for designing a wellness integrated space. Among our favorite dramatic bathroom accent wall colors are Mysterious Grey and Iron Ore, in the Healthier Paints collection. Next consider your natural bathroom accessories. Organic bamboo towels, natural cotton wash cloths, washable cotton bath mats and bath robes and towels are wonderful opportunities to add soft, inviting texture and color. Plus hooks can save space for hanging towels, robes and clothing. Finally, make sure you have organization and storage in your bathroom. Not only will this help to keep the space clean and functional, but it helps to give that minimalist simple elegant look of a modern organic bathroom. Clean towels store great in woven baskets. …With these simple tips, you can easily transform your space into an organic haven.

What are Eco Friendly Bathroom Accessories?

When it comes to creating an eco friendly bathroom, there are many ways to incorporate natural bath accessories! First, you'll want to choose natural beauty supplies and organic bath accessories. This includes items like OKEO-TEX® certified towels (our OKEO-TEX towels are crafted from super soft bamboo viscose!) and modern bathroom essentials like stone soap dispensers, organic bamboo bath mats and naturally finished wood benches.

You’ll also want to stock up the shower and vanity with plant-based soaps and all natural shampoo products. Many organic bath and body products are available either fragrance free or lightly scented with natural essential oils. Then to achieve the organic modern bathroom style aesthetic, nature should play a role in your design. Sustainable designs often incorporate features like lots of natural light, all natural materials made from earthy colored stone, unfinished natural wood and soft metal finishes.

Incorporating things like faux green plants and wooden eco-friendly bathroom accessories can really help to create a space that feels both eco friendly and stylish.

Don’t forget about your toiletry items as well. Go with a toothbrush made of wood or plant-based plastic and opt for natural toothpaste free from fluoride, SLS, and other irritating chemicals.

The Benefits of using Organic Bathroom Accessories

Organic bathroom accessories have many benefits over conventional options. For one, they're made from natural materials that are gentle on the skin. Anyone who's ever stepped out of a hot shower and into a scratchy, subpar towel knows that organic bathroom accessories can make all the difference in terms of luxury and comfort.

Organic cotton and bamboo are popular choices for towel fabrics because they’re absorbent, gentle and hypoallergenic, too. In addition, organic bathroom accessories are often made of higher quality materials than their conventional counterparts and lack irritating chemicals, dyes and pesticide residues making them better for the environment.

Bathrobes, towels, wash cloths, and bath mats made from certified organic bamboo are wonderful upgrades to make your bathroom feel like a spa – creating a great space to relax and unwind after a long day. If you're looking for ways to upgrade your bathroom experience, organic bathroom accessories are a great place to start. You (and your skin) will thank us later!

Decorating your Bathroom with Natural, Sustainable Bath Accessories

The organic modern bathroom is becoming increasingly popular as people seek out sustainable, natural ways to live. The Healthier Homes design team shares their top tips on how to create an organic modern bathroom using eco-friendly bath and body products.

Start with the basics. Natural stone or quartz countertops should be minimal and organized. We look for soap dispensers with tops that match the metal finishes in the bathroom. We feature a few organic bath and body products alongside some natural bamboo handwipes on a fun decorative tray. Trays made from stone, natural wood or a metal that compliments the bathroom fixtures and hardware are perfect for this space.

Other simple decorative elements can be pairing a recycled glass vases with some fun, eclectic feathers or filling the vase with smooth polished colorful stones.

Some easy storage solutions include mounting a thick floating shelf over the toilet to keep extra towels on hand or your organic bath supplies. Roll them up and place them in a cute wire basket. Plus mounting the towel bar under the floating shelf is a perfect way to have a towel rack in smaller bathroom with minimal wall space for a long bar.

Another fun towel holder is a small natural wood or metal ladder. Just use the rungs to display your organic bamboo towels and hang your viscose bath robe by the loop on top of the ladder… With these simple tips, you can easily create a sustainable, stylish bathroom that will be kind to both the environment and your wallet.

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Easy Eco Modern Luxury Bathroom Upgrades

Believe it or not, your bathroom can be a great place to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. And natural doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or luxury. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your bathroom with sustainable, eco-friendly products like bamboo bath towels, bath mats and ultra soft bath robes that are as simple modern as they are luxurious. Here's a few simple ideas to get you started:

Upgrade to sustainable, natural bath products: Natural and organic bath products are not only better for the environment, but they're also often gentler on your skin. Look for all natural and organic brands that use sustainable ingredients and packaging.

Consider a natural bath spa day: There's nothing like a long, hot bath at the end of a long day. Take a break from hot showers and fill your tub with warm water and some soothing Epsom salts. The magnesium your body absorbs from the Epsom salt does wonders for sore muscles and is an essential mineral for your body. Add a few drops of natural lavender oil for an extra relaxing experience.

Ditch the harsh cleaners: Throw out those all-purpose harsh synthetic cleaners in favor of all-natural alternatives. Not only are they better for the planet, but they also get the scrubbing job done without damaging natural stone, hardwoods, grout and tile. The best organic bath products to clean with include plant-derived surfactants, natural essential oils, vinegar, and crushed stone or baking soda for scrubbing without scratching.

Upgrade your laundry detergent: When you’re looking for better organic bath and body products, this includes your detergent. Afterall, your towels, sheets and pillowcases touch your skin just as much as your clothes. Look for fragrance free brands made with hypoallergenic soap nuts (they’re actually berries, not nuts) to keep your skin feeling soft and happy.

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