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Reno + Remodel Primer Zero VOC, by Healthier Homes
  • Multipurpose Nontoxic Primer, by Healthier Homes (1 gal)

    PriceFrom $10.00

    Healthier Homes Multipurpose Reno + Remodel Primer is an all purpose primer, which allows for painting over oil-based finishes on drywall, wood and stucco with our water-based Real Zero VOC paints. It is also an excellent no VOC primer for the Healthier Homes Cabinetry and Furniture Lacquer paints. Plus, it seals the surface from off-gassing. Suitable for interior & exterior use. Made in the USA.

      • Healthier Homes Reno + Remodel Primer is a premium-quality, water-based, flat finish universal zero VOC primer that solves difficult application problems without toxic and harsh-smelling chemicals.
      • Ideal for transitioning from existing oil-based paints to water-based coatings in remodels and cabinet or furniture refinishing.
      • Preffered base coat primer for Healthier Homes Cabinets + Furniture Lacquer and special order Exterior Satin Paint.
      • Effective stain blocker for lumber knot holes.
      • For use indoors and outdoors.
      • Very effective at blocking off-gassing from chemicals such as formaldehyde and most odors
      • Easy nontoxic gardening bed sealer for organic gardens.
      • Great for new construction, too.

      This primer is:

      ... VOC free when cured.
      ... free of formaldehyde, biocides, preservatives and heavy metals.
      ... eco-friendly.
      ... made in the USA with love.
      ... formulated for residential, commercial and DIY projects.
      ... available by the gallon or as a 4 fl oz sample.
      ... delivered directly to your home or job site.


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