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What are Organic Modern Pendant Lights? How are they Different from Chandeliers?

You might ask yourself “What’s the difference between a pendant light and a chandelier?” Well, they’re both suspended from the ceiling and each will add sophistication and personality to your home. 


But, chandeliers hold many light bulbs, whereas pendant lights have one single bulb or maybe a few. Modern pendant lighting is best for focused and directional lighting and chandeliers for larger spaces. This opens up a world of customization options, so you can design a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. 


When it comes to lighting design, organic pendant lights are the ultimate light fixtures for your ceiling. Natural pendant lights provide effortless ambient lighting and task lighting at the same time. For a farmhouse, cottage, coastal, or even minimalist modern style home, the look of organic modern pendant lighting is beautiful. Hang natural pendant lights above a kitchen sink, over a powder vanity or in a smaller foyer to welcome you home. A well-chosen pendant light is an instant upgrade for any room. 


Natural pendant light shades use materials like rattan, palm fronds, stone, glass, and rope. These sustainable materials mirror the beauty of nature and create a soothing environment. Natural woven pendant lights are a unique addition to your decor. Light seeps through the woven patterns which creates visually appealing silhouettes. 


A cohesive cluster of organic pendant lights epitomizes modern living. These can be hung at differing heights and even mixed in size.  We love doing this with glass or natural stone pendant lights to create a statement-making piece.

natural pendant light

What are the Benefits of Handmade, Natural Pendant Lights?

Handmade pendant lights are one-of-a-kind. It’s like an artist was commissioned to create a piece for your home. These are very special pieces. In fact, a handmade organic pendant light is among our favorite pieces of lighting for a home! They’re an integral part of natural and modern living spaces, and there’s more to pendants than meets the eye. 


A key benefit of natural pendant lights is adaptability. Low-hanging organic glass pendant lights create an intimate environment for special occasions. Or for a wabi sabi textured look, go with a natural fiber pendant light made from rope or rattan.


Moreover, organic modern pendant lights brighten your home without sacrificing space. We’ve all seen rooms where the lighting fixtures are overwhelming. Whether it's an oversized chandelier in the middle of a hotel lobby. Or, unwanted shadows from misplaced floor lamps that ruin the aesthetic.

Choosing Organic Pendant Lighting for Your Home

Handmade pendant lights are different. They come in various sizes to suit the dimensions of your living space. With the right-sized natural pendant light you won't need to give up an inch of tabletop or floor space.

What Are Organic Pendant Lights Made Of?

The beauty of organic pendant lights lies in the natural materials used to craft them. Natural rattan pendant lights invite a warm, cozy vibe inside your home. A small natural woven pendant light creates a subtle, yet bold statement. While a large natural rattan pendant light is a spectacular feature over a dining table.

Create a relaxing haven with natural bamboo pendant lights. A natural bamboo pendant light in your bedroom provides a warm glow and a calming space to relax. Introduce an earthy element with natural stone pendant lights. Natural seagrass pendant lights create an inviting ambiance and effortless ocean vibes.

For modern interiors, natural brass pendant lights give your home a rustic feel. Brighten up your industrial-style home with organic glass pendant lights. Organic glass pendant lights with brass fixtures match well with natural wood decor.

Introducing different textures adds visual interest to your design scheme. Glass and natural wood pendant lights combine to create a sense of balance and harmony. The rich wood stain finishes bring out the best in your flowers and plants while all metal pendants can feel more industrial.

How Do I Choose A Natural Pendant Light Shape?

Organic modern pendant lights incorporate simple forms, neutral colors, and pure elegance. Spruce up your natural pendant light shades with classic empire or bell shaped designs. Dome-shaped light shades are fit for industrial or mid-century style homes.

You can never go wrong with a drum light shade with a wide cylindrical shape that is suited for any style. Many handmade pendant lights are crafted with woven rattan in an orb, cylinder or disk shape. Other unique shapes we love are the Lasso natural rope pendant light or oblong teardrop shape of the Moby glass pendant light.

Places to Hang Organic Modern Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a popular option for kitchen islands. But it's important to consider other areas too. Kitchen sinks are high-traffic areas that could benefit from extra light from a pendant lights. Opt for narrow shades for direct lighting while you wash fruits and vegetables.

In smaller foyers, pendant lights are the perfect substitute for a chandelier. Handmade pendant lighting can highlight your artwork and entryway tables. Continue your eco-friendly lighting decor outside, where you can hang an organic modern pendant lights from a pergola or back porch.

Eco friendly pendant lights are an elegant alternative to traditional bathroom vanity lights. Handmade pendant lights are a stylish way to achieve task lighting. They provide great visibility while grooming or applying makeup. A natural pendant light in the center of your bathroom allows you to add your style. Wet-rated pendant lights above your bathtub can create a stunning focal point, too.

Natural pendant lights on either side of your bed help to save space on your nightstand. Modern organic pendant lights over your armchair provide great mood lighting for reading. If your bedroom doubles as your office space, use pendant lights as task lighting to focus. Natural fiber pendant lights create a clear divide between work and rest.

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