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touch lamp
  • Minimalista Modern Touch Lamp // USB Rechargeable

    PriceFrom $170.00

    The Minimalista modern touch lamp is understated yet boldy beautiful. This 13" thin profile rechargeable table lamp lets you bring your favorite mood lighting anywhere, anytime - indoors or outdoors. Need some extra illumination on the patio for late night game night? How about some more light in a dark couch corner for reading the latest AD, (or whatever your reading fancy may be.) This LED lamp is USB rechargeable.

      • Modern table lamp with built in USB rechargable power source
      • Made of lightweight aluminum and available in 3 different finishes
      • Touch the top of the lamp to turn on or off
      • Touch also activates three levels of brightness
      • Puts out a steady 115 lumens 
      • Neutral white 3000k light color
      • Charge runs 8-40 hours depending on brightness
      • Designed in Germany by blomus

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