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Patio String Lights
  • Haven Fair Trade Globe-Style String Lights, White

    PriceFrom $54.00

    Calm and relaxing ambiance meets classy decadent lighting. The Haven fair trade globe indoor string lights come in three different lengths. Great for bedrooms, nurseries, parties, and your favorite hang out space! We can’t get enough of these epic string lights.

      • Casual, semi-opaque woven white string lights
      • Soft warm white light (similar to 2700k - 3k in color)
      • Round string lights are handmade from spun polyester and woven over a wire wrapped balloon, using all natural homemade adhesive
      • Comes in 20, 35 or 50 light strands (small, med, large)
      • White wires blend well on white walls and contrast beautifully on colored backdrops
      • Each light 17W
      • Light Source: USB LED Compatible with USB Adapter (adapter not included, same as most cell phone plug adapters)
      • Lights are spaced approx. 12 cm apart
      • Fair trade made in Thailand

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