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Globe String Light
  • Haven Fair Trade Globe String Lights, Blues

    PriceFrom $54.00

    Calm and relaxing ambiance meets classy decadent lighting. The Haven fair trade globe-style indoor string lights come in three different lengths and a gray and blue color theme. Great for bedrooms, nurseries, parties, and your favorite hang out space! We can’t get enough of these epic string lights.

      • Casual, semi-opaque string lights
      • Soft amber lighting shines through the blue, white and gray woven balls
      • These globe shaped lights are made by hand as artisans use a secret glue composed of all natural ingredients to adhere spun polyester around a wire-wrapped balloon
      • Comes in 20, 35 or 50 light strands (small, med, large)
      • White wires blend well on white walls and contrast beautifully on colored backdrops
      • Each light 17W
      • Light Source: USB LED Compatible with USB Adapter (adapter not included, same as most cell phone plug adapters)
      • Consists of (Long: 13 x White, 13 x Light Aqua, 12 x Stone and 12 x Mid Gray), (Medium: 9 x White, 9 x Light Aqua, 9 x Stone and 8 x Mid Gray), (Short: 5 x White, 5 x Light Aqua, 5 x Stone and 5 x Mid Gray )
      • Total length: Long: 24', Medium: 18'  Short: 12.5'
      • Lights are spaced approx. 12 cm apart
      • Fair trade made in Thailand

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