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long bread board
  • Majestic Walnut Bread Boards // Slim + Standard

    PriceFrom $176.00

    This solid walnut wood bread board is the perfect size to share a meal with family and friends. Talk about a beautiful presentation for appetizers, sushi or finger foods! The walnut bread board carries like a long serving tray. Both sides are usable which doubles the bread board as a chopping block on the bottom side. A natural beeswax and grapeseed oil finish amplifies the inherent character of beautiful walnut grain.

      • extra long walnut wood bread board
      • use the bottom side as a cutting board for food prep and the grooved top side for an epic meal presentation
      • finished with 100% natural grapeseed and beeswax
      • slim handle features a tie for easy wall hanging storage
      • made in the Netherlands
      • 100% solid walnut in two width size options
      • photo with two boards is showing the front and back

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