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Healthier Homes non toxic paint
  • Real Zero VOC Paint by Healthier Homes, Signature Uber White

    PriceFrom $10.00

    Looking for the perfect neutral white paint color? Our real zero VOC Uber White paint is a designer favorite for a reason. Say goodbye to pink, yellow and green undertones — this is a truly white paint that's soft, inviting and great as a ceiling white paint, too. The formula is healthy and free of all VOCs and hazardous air pollutants, which means you can feel confident about putting it on your walls and ceilings in your family's home.

    • Healthier Paints by Healthier Homes are the cleanest, best-performing, most non toxic wall paints on the market. They help to block odors and chemical emissions from building materials and are:


      ... zero VOC
      ... free of formaldehyde, biocides, preservatives and heavy metals
      ... eco-friendly
      ... made in the USA 
      ... delivered directly to your home or job site

      ... (click here for our tinted collection of paint colors)


      Healthier Homes // Uber White is available in:

      • interior flat paint for walls and ceilings.
      • interior semigloss paint for trim and doors.
      • cabinet + furniture lacquer matte.
      • cabinet + furniture lacquer gloss.
      • one gallon or 4 fl oz. size samples.
      • (For commercial paints and hospitality finishes, contact us directly to learn more about our new Zero VOC Industrial Strength Paints)

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