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What Are Natural Throw Pillows?

Natural organic throw pillows are decorative cushions made from sustainable, eco friendly, or nontoxic materials, such as cotton, linen, wool, jute, or hemp, which are usually minimally processed and free from potentially harmful synthetic chemicals.

Each organic throw pillow provides softness and support via its filling, which in this case would be wool, down feathers, or other natural fibers. Some natural throw pillows may also have decorative elements such as embroidery or hand-printed designs to spruce up your home with a dash of style.

People who value sustainability and eco-friendliness often desire home decor items that are made from natural materials, but so do those who value their health and well-being. Even better, natural fiber throw pillows can add organic warmth to any room in your home thanks to the various colors and patterns in which they’re available, and natural materials will breathe better.

How to Use Non Toxic Throw Pillows?

Natural decorative pillows offer a more eco friendly and health-conscious option compared to conventional throw pillows, and one of the best ways to use them is to mix and match your styles. Sustainable throw pillows come in a variety of colors and designs, so don't be afraid to switch things up to create a unique and personalized look for your home.

Another thing to remember is to always use nontoxic cleaning products with your organic decorative pillows, as harsh chemical cleaners can negate the benefits of a pillow’s organic materials. A great plantbased detergent booster is the all purpose cleaning product, Healthier Clean.

What Are Eco Friendly Throw Pillows Made Of?

Sustainable throw pillows are made using sustainable and natural fiber materials that are better for the environment and for the health of humans and animals.

One of the most common materials for natural decorative pillows is natural or organic cotton, which is grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It is soft, durable, and available in a variety of styles to match your decor. Similar materials include linen and wool; the former comes from the flax plant, and it’s biodegradable but also durable and breathable, while the latter is flame resistant and naturally insulating.

Hemp is another option for sustainable decorative pillows. It’s a versatile plant that requires little water and no pesticides, and it’s highly resilient and resistant to mold and mildew.

Tips for Choosing Ethically Made Throw Pillows

Everything that goes into a house to make it a home should be considered an investment in beauty, comfort and health. Choosing the right eco friendly, sustainable, non toxic throw pillows for your home is an important step in creating a healthy and socially responsible living space, but the choice is not always easy, so here are a few tips for picking out the right pillows.

You should check to see if the seller lists their ingredients. Choose pillows made from natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, rayon, or wool, and avoid synthetic materials such as polyester, which are often made from petroleum-derived products that are not healthy or biodegradable.

Why Go With Sustainable Decorative Pillows for Your Home?

Another tip is to buy from small businesses and family-owned businesses, which can help reduce your environmental impact and promote a more sustainable and socially responsible economy. So, if you buy organic throw pillows made in USA, you’re not just helping your local economy—you may also be getting a better, healthier product.

Finally, choose natural throw pillows with timeless designs. Doing so can reduce the need for frequent replacements, promoting a more sustainable and eco friendly home and saving you money in the end.

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