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Clean Air 101 eBook

Clean Air 101 eBook


90% of our time is spent inside. Here's what you need to know to make your home's air clean, pure & healthy for your family now, in this helpful eBook!

  • You may change the filters on your HVAC unit every six months, and you may use a portable air filter for your bedroom. But did you know there’s actually a whole lot more that you could be done to improve the indoor air quality and comfort level of your home?


    Poor indoor air leads to a whole host of chronic health problems for people and pets. This Clean Air 101 e-guide is full of recommendations, colorful images and helpful tips that will enable you to clean up your indoor air quality and breathe better starting today! Great for homeowners, renters, even new home buyers or those considering building a new home.


    ...What you'll find in each e-Book section...

    1: Learning about VOCs and indoor air pollutants, and their impact on your health

    2: Find out how to identify the causes of unhealthy indoor air and how you can assess your own indoor air quality

    3: A step-by-step guide for ensuring clean air when building or remodeling a home, plus which materials to use

    4: Important aspects of ventilation, filtration, air purification, dehumidifying a home, air conditioning maintenance, and more

    5: Easy tips for cleaner indoor air you can do starting now -- plus your personalized healthy air checklist

  • You will receive an email from us with a unique link to download the eGuide after checking out. Please let us know if you don't receive the link, and we will gladly resend it to you.


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