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Clean Water 101 eBook

Clean Water 101 eBook


We drink it, cook with it, bathe in it, use it to clean. Water! Here's what you need to know to make sure your home's water quality is clean & pure, in this eBook!

  • Just because you live in a city with water treatment plants doesn’t necessarily mean your water is clean. Same goes for well water. Many contaminants in modern-day water supplies go unseen and untasted for years – things like harmful chemicals, microplastics, and bacteria to name a few. 


    This eBook discusses steps you can take to ensure your home’s water is safe, clean and pure. Plus, we’ll discuss how to identify the different types of water pollutants, how to test your own water supply, which types of purification systems are the most effective, and helpful recommendations. This Clean Water 101 e-guide includes colorful images and applicable tips that will enable you to clean up your water quality inside your home, starting now!


    ...What you'll find in each e-Book section...


    1. Learn about the different types of water pollutants, where they are inside your home, and how it can affect your health

    2. Discover your water quality testing options, and the pros and cons of each type of water purification and filtration system

    3. Considerations for your home’s existing plumbing, well water, pools and tips for building or remodeling – plus how to avoid mold problems

    4. Find out which types of drinkware options are best, more about water purification technologies of the future – and your own personalized clean water checklist

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