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Japanese tea cups
  • Kyoto Japanese Tea Cups, Set of 4


    There's just something Zen about tea time. These Kyoto stoneware tea cups resemble the beauty and enlightenment of ancient tea time traditions. The absence of handles on these cups warms the hands (and heart!) The tabletop collection features Japanese shapes and colors found only in nature. These safe  stoneware tea mugs include reactive glazing, making each Kyoto tabletop piece one-of-a-kind and unique.

      • One of the largest cities in Japan, Kyoto holds a special place in our hearts
      • The iconic culture and ancient charm of this rural Japanese gem (and the fact that it's somewhat off the beaten path) is part of what makes Kyoto's elegance and mystique so alluring
      • The Kyoto tea cup collection is reminiscent of traditional Wabi Sabi Asian architecture
      • Set of 4 tea cups made of non toxic stoneware with no heavy metals 
      • Casted from clay, quartz and minerals, with a traditional reactive glazing process that makes each piece unique
      • Available in moody espresso and a taupe beige
      • Designed in Germany by blomus
      • Crafted in compliance with strict EU regulations that prohibit heavy metals in food contact materials

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