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non toxic patio furniture
  • Modern Lux Outdoor Furniture, Sofa Chaise D


    Every outdoor gathering needs comfortable seating. Perhaps it’s time to give your outdoor furniture some love with a stylish upgrade? The Modern Lux Sofa Chaise is a beautiful set of three modular sections that combine to create a modern low-lying sofa and chaise lounge combo. Waterproof, windproof, super soft and cushiony, with outdoor rated fabric that has no chemical waterproof coatings and no carcinogenic fabric sealers. The Modern Lux Outdoor Collection is our top pick for a postmodern minimalism retreat right in your own backyard. With furniture materials that you can feel good about enjoying all season long.

      • Modern outdoor chaise lounge / couch combo, available in two neutral gray options
      • Made with high performance, non toxic, waterproof olefin fabric from soft woven PP
      • PP (polypropelyne) is an inert plastic that’s uniquely waterproof by the way it’s woven
      • Olefin is stain resistant, light weight, UV resistant, breathable, non polluting easy to recycle, and hypoallergenic (yay!)
      • Absolutely no harmful waterproofing or stain repellant chemicals are applied to our fabrics, unlike other upholstered outdoor furniture materials that can leach chemicals into the skin and offgas (materials such as vinyl, PVC and solution-dyed acrylics)
      • Set includes connector and base plate kit with short legs, to slightly elevate the bottom of the sofa off the ground
      • Lightweight and durable beaded foam stuffing with high elasticity (won't smash with wear over time)
      • Weatherproof covers sold separately and recommended for year round protection when not in use
      • Sustainably shipped in small vacuum sealed sections that expand when unwrapped (note - due to the expansion process, we are unable to accept returns of this item)
      • Part of the Modern Lux Outdoor Series, designed in Germany by kaschkasch Design Studio and blomus

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