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natural large wood vase
  • Nature Carved Wood Planter / Stool


    This carved wooden planter doubles as a modern wooden stool or riser for other decor. The Nature Planter features smooth ribbed carvings sanded smooth on a turntable, showcasing the beauty of natural wood grain. Sturdy and thick, this modern wood planter / stool is a standout decor piece in any room. In fact, we love it as a stool or small side table next to the bath tub for a modern organic bathroom feel!

      • Large wooden planter with ribbed detail
      • The bottom is hollow, so it can be flipped to be used as a wood stool or a side table
      • 100% solid hardwood that's thick and substantial in natural sanded finish
      • A drain hole and liner is not included but is recommended for live plants to prevent water damage to the planter, furniture, or flooring.
      • Indoor or covered outdoor use only / greenery not included

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