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Jen Stout and Rusty Stout hanging artwork on a white wall

Resources for living, building, and learning  

We spend 90% of our time indoors. How you live matters.

Knowledge is power.
Learn how to design, build and organize wellness-focused spaces inside your home in the Healthier Homes blog and video sections below.

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newly released book, Healthier Homes

It’s time to rethink how to build, furnish and live inside.


Nationally recognized healthy home builders, Jen and Rusty Stout, discuss an uphill journey and how it landed them on the frontlines of redefining best practices in construction and home design.

  • Learn how to make smart building material choices 

  • Find out how to avoid moisture problems and mold

  • Get pro design tips on picking out finishes, fixtures, home furnishings, and more. 

Healthier Homes Book Cover
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healthy home // happy life

catch jen + rusty in action in the Healthier Homes episode series

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