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Chemical free modern wallpaper
  • Dark Feather Nontoxic Wallpaper


    Looking for an elegant and eco-friendly wallcovering? Our Dark Feather Wallpaper hits the target - literally. ;-) Fashioned from the feathery tails of arrows, this  wallcovering is both casually rustic and elegantly modern. Perfect for boho chic or modern organic style decor! Nontoxic, chemical free wallpaper.

    •  - eco friendly wallpaper with feathery arrow designs
       - non toxic paper backing
       - natural materials with lots of texture and depth
       - breathable / washable / strippable
       - elegant modern style for your accent wall
       - designed to be pasted during installation
       - packaged and sold as a double roll
       - straight match repeated every 25.25 inches
       - design by Ronald Redding
       - see wallpaper faq for important installation details and tips

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