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Chemical Free Wallpaper
  • Leaf Minimalist Wallpaper, Natural Gray


    Literally bring your walls to life and transform your nursery, bedroom or powder room into a nurturing space with the Leaf Minimalist Wallpaper. This dynamic wallcovering is made from large natural aspen leaves with distressed ink detailing in neutral shades of gray. Fine metallic accents add a touch of elegance to this organic inspired wallcovering. Invite nature into your home with eco friendly wallpaper that's free from fumes and chemicals.

    • - blend of inert synthetic fibers made from polyolefins
      - nonwoven material is non toxic and free from harmful chemicals
      - wallpaper that's breathable and contains no heavy metals
      - water-based inks are applied via an environmentally friendly smoke-free system
      - low voc / washable / strippable
      - designed to be pasted during installation
      - packaged and sold as a double roll
      - straight match pattern repeat every 24 inches
      - see wallpaper faq for important installation details and tips
       - design by Candice Olson

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