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sustainable teak table
  • Natural Teak Root Side Table / Storage


    Join us in taking heart in a tree's legacy, long after it's lived a happy life, by repurposing its roots to give them a new purpose. Each teak root cube is truly one-of-a-kind. In fact, this Indonesian teak root table is pretty, and pretty practicle! Use it as a teak side table, short stool or organic style storage. Flip it, and store blankets, toys, yoga mats, etc. This cube shaped wood table is carved from sustainably sourced teak roots, renowned for durability, strength, and stunning grain patterns. The rustic finish accentuates characteristics of the wood, showcasing its rich colors and unique textures.

      • Cube shaped teak root side table
      • Use the cube as a stool, side table or flip it to store items
      • Handcrafted from rescued Indonesian teak root
      • Low VOC lightly stained finish (for a zero VOC finish, we recommend applying a zero VOC sealer, Clearly Natural Clear Coat)

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