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woven decorative balls
  • Large Woven Decorative Balls, Set of 6


    Hang them on your Christmas tree, place them in a decorative bowl, or use them for creative DIY projects - the possibilities are endless! Handwoven with love, these eco-friendly large woven seagrass balls are not only visually stunning but also bring a sense of nature into your home. We use these year round; when not on the Christmas tree, they're fabulous on a decorative tray or in a glass jar or large bowl.

    out of stock / more on the way
      • Set of 6 natural woven decorative balls with jute rope loops
      • Handwoven from undyed, natural seagrass
      • We love these year round as centerpiece decor
      • Up the natural holiday vibes and hang them from your Christmas tree 
      • Beautiful statement ornaments at 7" diameter each

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