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An inspirational collection to find that something special, like a natural vase, decorative urn or nostalgic lantern. It's all about inviting, friendly + happy spaces. 

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Design Elements to Consider When Shopping for Natural Vases

Vases are the perfect repository for fresh cut flowers, plant stems, dried botanicals, even exotic feathers. There’s so many decorative elements and ways to use vases and urns. Every natural vase is an opportunity to display something beautiful or add something visually interesting to a space.


The texture, curvature and color of an urn or vase are important design features to consider. For example, a tall floor vase can vary from the traditional look of a smooth, shiny, and curvy object – to a more modern look of a matte and textured finish with straight lines.


Neutral earthy tones like ivory, beige, gray and wood tones are beautiful in muted matte finishes. Textured organic ceramic urns, carved wood vases and unpolished natural stone vases are popular finds in the neutral earthy color category. Whereas glossy vases tend to have more curves and are trending styles for something like an organic glass vase or shiny metallic urn.


The really cool thing about urns and vases is you can use them practically anywhere in your home. An organic vase goes beautifully on a countertop, desk, coffee table, shelf or tabletop. Use them as centerpieces, decorative accents or to hold useful items like kitchen utensils or pencils… Bottom line, natural vases evoke a sense of nature and tranquility, where their simple forms complement the gamut of decorative styles.